Muslim Kids ‘Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessing be upon Him)’ Bundle Sale


A Muslim Kids ‘Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessing be upon Him)’ Bundle has been put together by Knowledge Dunes with 5 other Muslim mumpreneurs.

The bundle sale is ongoing. Purchasing this bundle gives you 35% off the purchase price compared to buying them individually. However, you can buy any of these products separately at the specific Muslima’s shop. Get the bundle of 6 resources to learn and teach about our beloved Prophet by paying only US$15.99

Fun learning with hands-on activities about the Prophet Muhammed PBUH that your kids will love! Children can enjoy, learn, and reflect through these fantastic interactive digital Islamic and educational resources. Discover more about the Messenger SAW through downloads

  1. A Sunnah A Day Cards by The Odd Muslimah
  2. Quran Journaling About Prophet Muhammad by Ilma Education
  3. The Character of Prophet Muhammad SAW by Knowledge Dunes
  4. Seerah Family Tree by Mama Teaches Me
  5. Steps Towards Sunnah by Young Mu’min
  6. Hadith Copywork Journal For Kids by Muslimommy
Barakallahu feekum and Jazakumullahu khairan. We do appreciate your support.

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