Healthy In Ramadan Booklet (2nd Edition: Free)

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Ramadan 2021 is coming soon! One of the most important aspect in welcoming Ramadan and to have a great time enjoying ourselves submitting towards Allah, performing the Ibadah in the blessed month  is to have a healthy, fit and energetic body and mind.

For those who have read the first edition of this book, it is a pleasure to meet you again in this new edition of ‘Healthy In Ramadan’ book that is specially written to keep us informed with knowledge and motivation to stay healthy in welcoming the blessed month. To those who are new to this book, welcome and join us!

In this new edition book, besides the same contents like the previous year’s info, knowledge sharing, ‘Ramadan Meal Planner’ and ‘Ramadan Weekly Exercise Tracker,’ who have also included pre Ramadan exercise and meal planner to help you plan and keep track of your meal and exercise pre and during Ramadan. The new edition comes with new designs to keep you engaged while reading it.

Besides that, we have also prepared some related info and advice for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is the best example for emulating and learning from. Therefore, according to his Sunnah, we have listed some of the tips that we can learn to stay healthy in this blessed month.

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 What our members said about the “Healthy In Ramadan’ Book:

  • MashaaAllah, a great book for this Ramadhan preparation… may Allah bless us all – Mazlina Mazni 2020

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