Guess in 10 Animal Kingdom for 6 Year and Up


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Exciting Card Game of Questions
Learn about Land, Aquatic, Wild and Domestic Animals in the most fun way possible! Ask up to 10 questions to guess the animal on the Game Card! Is it a carnivore? Is it a domestic animal? Be the first player to win 7 Game Cards!This game is for 2-6 Players.

Ages: 6-99 Years

Whats Inside!

  • 50 Game Cards
  • 6 Clue Cards
  • 1 Card Holder
  • 1 Instruction Manual


Problem Solving

Creative Thinking

Social and Communication Skills

Focus & Attention

Decision Making


  • Animal Habitats
  • Herbivores, Carnivores & Omnivores
  • Characteristics & Features of Animals
  • Wild & Domesticated Animals
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