‘Know It & Love It, The Quran’ Activity Book for Children (e-book)


The 32 pages colorful activity book contains a lot of exciting activities to engage young learners aged seven and above. The activity book is divided into four subtopics that cover the essential facts, the history of Al Quran revelation and preservation, the virtues of reading, learning, and teaching the Quran, and some of the duas from the Quran. They are essential for children and adults alike to understand their meanings and to memorize them.

This digital product is in a pdf form, for you to use in your home or classroom environment. It is printable for your students, children, and yourself only.

It is not allowed to:

  • Alter the files in any way: This means NO CHANGES at all. (This includes no screenshots of the pdf)
  • Store them on your website or other services in any format (This includes hosting them on Facebook, Dropbox, and other file-sharing or hosting sites.)
  • Sell them in any way.
  • Print off and sell them to others.
  • Print off and distribute to others other than for your children and students’ use.
  • You may not email this PDF or WhatsApp to your contacts.



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