Ramadan 2021

Free ‘Healthy In Ramadan’ 2nd Edition & 2021 Ramadan Planner

Healthy-In-Ramadan  Click Healthy In Ramadan 2nd Edition to download for free!

For those who have read the first edition of this book, It is a pleasure to meet you again in this new edition of ‘Healthy In Ramadan’ book that is specially written to keep us informed with knowledge and motivation to stay healthy in welcoming the blessed month. To those who are new to this book, welcome and join us to download for free. 

3 Click here to get your free PDF Ramadan Planner.

This year is the third year that Knowledge Dunes produces this Ramadan Planner. We decided to make it accessible for everyone, hoping that it reaches as many people as possible. This planner is suitable not only for ladies but can also be utilized by men alike. We tried to improve some of the features that are already available since the last years’ editions. We have included four ‘Morning and Evening Adhkar’ to read, learn the meaning and memorize. The theme for this year’s Ramadan Planner is ‘The Love for the Quran.’

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