Stories of the Prophets Series

Learning and teaching about the prophets can be an exciting journey for you and your children if it is taught excitingly. Many books and websites can be used to gather this knowledge. They can provide us with authentic resources for us to share the stories of the prophets to our family. As a visual learner myself, I prefer reading about the prophets from a resource that uses a lot of illustrations and graphics.

Therefore, we have come up with the idea to produce posters of the stories of the prophets. It is as a way to aid learning and teaching. The flowchart posters tell the events that happen during the time of some of the prophets. We produced them from an educational perspective.  Currently, we have free download posters on the stories of Prophet Adam, Prophet Nuh and Prophet Ibrahim. The flowcharts posters include mindmaps and illustration. Most importantly, the related evidence from the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad were stated in the posters for easy reference. Our references include book Stories of The Prophet (Darussalam) and Islamqa

To download the poster, please click here. Wassalam

To get more posters about Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessing be upon him), please click here.

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