The Basic Aqeedah Online Class For Kids

Dunes Cottage

It is suitable for ages 10 and above.

The contents are:

Week 1: 6th Sept 2020
Islam, Iman & Ihsan (Hadith Jibrail)
  1. What is Islam, Iman & Ihsan (Hadith Jibrail)
  2. Meaning of Islam, Iman, Ihsan
  3. How to live with it?

Week 2: 13th Sept 2020

Introduction to Aqeedah
1. The meaning of Aqeedah and Tawheed
2. The three parts of Tawheed
3. The benefits of learning about Aqeedah and Tawheed
4. The different between kufr & shirk
5. The effect of shirk
6. What Prophet Muhammad said about people with Iman?
Week 3: 20th Sept 2020
Belief In Allah
  1. Fitrah
  2. Allah’s Names
  3. Allah’s Qualities
  4. Where is Allah
  5. Worshipping Allah
Week 4: 27th Sept 2020
Belief In The Angels
  1. Knowing the Angels
  2. Qualities of the Angels
  3. What the Angels do
  4. Angels that we know
Week 5: 4th Oct 2020
Belief In The Books Of Allah & His Prophets
  1. The books that we know
  2. What is in Allah’s books
  3. The last book
  4. The virtues of learning and reciting the Quran
  5. The prophets sent by Allah
  6. The prophets with strong wills
  7. Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him)
Week 6: 11th Oct 2020
Belief In The Last Day & The Qadar
  1. The names of the Last Day
  2. Resurrection & Assembly
  3. Paradise & Hellfire
  4. The importance of believing in the Last Day & The Qadr
  5. The components of belief in the qadr

Video shows related to topics, worksheets as homework, and summarised notes for each class will be included.

The classes will be held through zoom for 45 minutes each InsyaAllah.

The reference for our online classes is The Eeman Made Easy Series Books y Sheikh Muhammad Al Jibaly and Islamqa website managed by Sheikh Al Munajid and our book ‘The Blissful Heart.’

The price for the 6 sessions is US$25. DM us for further details and to secure your children’s place. We are contactable at Instagram handle ‘knowledgedunes’ or email us at

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The Basic Aqeedah Online Class For Kids- 6th Sept 2020

It is suitable for ages 10 and above. We are contactable at Instagram handle 'knowledgedunes' or email us at


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