The Plants & Animal In The Quran Online Course For Kids (1st & 8th Nov 2020)

‘The Plants 7 Animals In The Quran’ Online Course For Kids aged 9 to 12 years old.

Dates: 1st Nov 2020 and 8th Nov 2020 (TWO SUNDAYS)

Duration: 2 weeks

Time: 2pm UK time/ 4pm Qatar/KSA Time/ 9 pm Malaysia/Sin Time


Duration of class: 45 minutes 
The amount to be paid for each child is US$ 9 (for 2 classes). The price is inclusive of the e-book. You can make the payment through PayPal, credit card, or an online transfer to our bank account in Malaysia. We will email you the e-book once payment is received in shaa Allah. The e-book is provided as a reference and worksheet for homework. 

The contents:

Day 1:

  1. Why Allah created The Animals ?
  2. The Land Animals Mentioned  In The Quran
  3. The Birds Mentioned In The Quran
  4. The Story of Surah Al Fil
  5. The Big Fish In The Quran

Day 2:

  1. Why Allah created the plants?
  2. The fruits mentioned in the Quran
  3. The trees mentioned in the Quran
  4. The vegetables mentioned in the Quran
  5. What will happen to the plants and animals on the Last Day?

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