Free Dua Posters


What is more important than a benefical Islamic knowledge for our kids and ourselves. Knowledge Dunes is providing free download on selected Dua posters for you to benefit. Please download for your family, students and yourself.

doa entering the toilet

Click here to download doa entering the toilet poster

dua from sadness day & night

Protection from sadness dua poster is designed by Knowledge Dunes for us to remind ourselves and our kids to read it every day, asking Allah to protect us from the 7 problems faced by many people today. You may stick the poster on the fridge, on the stairs, walkways, bedroom doors or any other secure access places. Make sure you tick in the provided box indicating that you have read the dua on that particular day. Allah answers all His slaves’ dua. Never give up by repeating the dua.  It is free for download by clicking here protection from sadness dua

dua looking into mirror for boy

The dua posters come in 3 designs, suitable for boys, girls and evergreen. Click to download dua looking into a mirror for boy

dua looking into mirror for girl

Click to download dua looking into a mirror for girl

dua looking into mirror green

Click to download dua looking into a mirror ‘green.’

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