Ramadan 2023

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Pre Ramadan & Ramadan Planner

Pre Ramadan & Ramadan Planner 2023

Knowledge Dunes has prepared a few Ramadan study materials, courses and a Ramadan 2023 Planner.

This year is the fifth year that Knowledge Dunes has produced this Ramadan Planner. Our revised Ramadan planner is suitable not only for ladies but can also be utilized by men. This year’s Ramadan Planner theme is ‘I Can Do It.’ Check it out! It is available and downloadable for FREE. You may share the pdf with your relatives and friends.


Besides that, we also have specially prepared Healthy In Ramadan 2nd Edition for free download too. For those who have read the first edition of this book, It is a pleasure to meet you again this year. The booklet has been specially written to keep us informed with knowledge and motivation to stay healthy in welcoming the blessed month. To those who are new to this book, welcome and join us to download for free. 


Please click here to get the details about the course.


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