Free Worksheets: Learning about Al-Qadr

Worksheet and Notes on ‘Learning about Al-Qadr’ has been prepared based on the book ‘Imaan Made Easy; Knowing the Angels” by Sheikh Muhammad Al Jibaly.

Understading The Creation of Evil (Belief In The Qadar)  Click to download Understanding The Creation of Evil (Belief In The Qadar) Notes


Click: Believing In Allah’s Decree (Qadar)-Intro (2 pages)


Believing In Allah’s Decree (Qadar) Intro part 2 (3 pages)

20200702_103818_00053528884550634818186.png The Importance of believing in al qadar 2 pages

Believing In Allah's Decree (Qadar) (2) The Definition of Qada & Qadar (4 pages)

Believing In Allah's Decree (Qadar) (1) Guidelines for understanding qadar (4 pages)