Free Worksheets: Learning about Al-Qadr

Worksheet on ‘Learning about Al-Qadr’ has been prepared based on the book ‘Imaan Made Easy; Knowing the Angels” by Sheikh Muhammad Al Jibaly.

New worksheets will be added from time to time insyaAllah.


Click: Believing In Allah’s Decree (Qadar)-Intro (2 pages)


Believing In Allah’s Decree (Qadar) Intro part 2 (3 pages)

20200702_103818_00053528884550634818186.png The Importance of believing in al qadar 2 pages

Believing In Allah's Decree (Qadar) (2) The Definition of Qada & Qadar (4 pages)

Believing In Allah's Decree (Qadar) (1) Guidelines for understanding qadar (4 pages)