‘The LAST DAY’ & its names in the QURAN (FREE Worksheets)

Learning about ‘The Last Day’ in our Ramadan Series will be brought to you once in a week for 4 weeks insyaAllah. It is preceded by an introduction about ‘The Last Day’ or known as the ‘Day of Judgment’. In this article, we will briefly discuss the names of ‘The Last Day’ as mentioned in the Quran. There are many names used in the Quran in accordance with the event or situation that is going to happen on that Day.

Among of the names used are al-Yawm al Akhir (Last Day) because the life that follows our current life, Yawm-ul Bath (The Day of Resurrection), Yawm ul-Qiyaamah (The Day of Standing) and As Saah (The Last Hour). Other than that includes Al Haqqah (The Inevitable Hour or The Reality), Al Ghasyiyah (The Overwhelming) and many more.

One of the names that give interest to me today to share with you here is ‘Al Qariah’. It means ‘The Striking Hour’. On that particular Day, according to the tafsir of Surah Al Qariah in Tafsir Ibn Kathir, the heart will be rattled and mankind will be like moths scattered about in all directions. The situation will be chaotic with people running into each other. Allah also mentioned in Surah Al Qamar ayah 7 with English translation: ‘Their eyes cast down, going forth from their graves as if they were scattered locusts. On that Day, the mountains will be like carded wool. The situation will be very frightening. Everybody will run for their own life. That is how the condition will be on ‘The Striking  Hour’ or ‘The Last Day’.

A question that we have to ask ourselves. What is my purpose in life? In what pursuits am I spending my time to face ‘The Last Day’?”

Al-Bukhari recorded from Anas bin Malik that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Three things follow the deceased person, and two of them return while one remains behind with him. The things which follow him are his family, his wealth and his deeds. His family and his wealth return while his deeds remain.’

Distraction to get more and more in this worldly life can divert our attention from doing better and more important deeds. Among the things that delude us in this life include competing with each other in getting better things or the desire of having a lot. For example, I want more money, a better car, and a bigger house or by taking pride in the fact that you have more than others.

Should we wait until ‘The Last Day’ to come to stop us from all these distractions?

The answer is No because we do not know when is ‘The Last Day’ will come. Allah did not reveal to any one of us the time of ‘The Last Day’. Allah says in Surah Al Fussilat ayah 47 with english translation: ‘To Him belongs the knowledge of the Hour’

Let us take this opportunity in this blessed month of Ramadan to chase for our Hereafter by doing a lot of good deeds and control our desires. May Allah help you and me to achieve this to be a better person, preparing for it.

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Written by: Dr. Fadzidah UmmuAbdullah


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