What Can Our Kids Do On The Last 10 Nights of Ramadan?

We believe that as you are staying up for the blessed last 10 nights of Ramadan, your kids are also not left behind. They would always love to stay up together with us as we are embarking on our journey to seek Allah’s pleasure and rewards.

Have you ever wondered how to keep your children occupied during these nights besides reading the Quran and making duas? Believe it or not, without us realizing, they would either end up playing with video games, board game, or doing some other interesting play ideas. That is their nature, play, play, and play.  Alhamdulillah.

wall e die cast model Have you ever wondered about some of the interesting ideas to engage them with the knowledge of our the Deen during their staying up time? We were fascinated yesterday when our children were sitting together chatting freely for more than one hour about the angels (based on the limited knowledge that they have). The night of Qadr is a great time to discuss this topic. We have prepared a few worksheets on the knowledge about the angels. They are free and downloadable. Try them today with your kids. InsyaAllah they may help to increase our kids’ knowledge about the angels, which numbers that come to the earth are more than the number of pebbles on the earth on the night of Qadr.

Other than that, why not engage them with our Ramadan Activity book that will give them the knowledge about the Quran in an interactive and engaging way? There are many exciting activities to occupy them such as word search, crosswords, trivia, and many others. 

We are giving the last offer in this Ramadan to own the pdf of this Ramadan Activity book for you to share with your children and students with a price of US$1.50 only. This offer only for today and tomorrow. Get it now! 

We do hope that you would have an enjoyable 10 nights of Ramadan with your kids doing your ibadah. Last but not least, may Allah accept from you and us. Please don’t forget us in your dua.

Dr. Fadzidah Ariffin


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